Exotic Floral Collection

Alula - Latin: Wing

A simple, yet striking accessory designed to sit at the back of the hair.

Two elegant silver leaves encrusted with Swarovski crystals, emerge, like wings, from a floral centre also adorned with Swarovski.

Adonia sits on a small silver comb allowing easy and discreet fitting. The winged leaves are curved and follow the natural curves of the head to sit seamlessly in the hair.

Perfect for brides wishing to forgo a veil or those wishing to position their veil lower.
Talia - Hebrew: Dew from Heaven

A crystal adorned silver plated alice band tiara - striking in it's simplicity.

Multi-faceted, superior cut Swarovski crystals in a rhodium plated setting sit side by side on a tiara bend, creating a single row of lustre and sparkle.
Jana - Hebrew: Flourishing

A striking hair accessory with a spray of flourishing leaves, flowers, ferns and palms radiating from a centre point. Each adorned with a multitude of multi-faceted Swarovski crystals.

This striking piece sits on a large barrett clip to enable it to sit securely in the hair.
Aiya - Hebrew: Bird

A silver hummingbird slide adorned with a variety of intricately cut Swarovski crystals giving lustre and sparkle.
Nuria - Arabic: luminous and bright

An elegant silver Dragonfly pin adorned with multi-faceted Swarovski crystals.

A delicate yet striking accessory. The silver plated pin allows for ease and flexibility of placement in the the hair. A versatile accessory which will work with most hair styles.
Bethari - Indonesian: Goddess

A striking regal shaped tiara comprised of crystal adorned silver exotic leaves, palms flowers and ferns.

Calling on the historical traditions of the regal shaped tiara, the bold leaf design adds edge and a fresh, modern more contemporary look.

Each individual leaf and flower in this .....tiara have been individually adorned, by hand, with hundreds of superior cut Swarovski crystals.
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Looking for exquisite headwear? Introducing: Exotic Florals, my new creative collection of tiaras, headbands, combs, clips; stunningly unique and designed to make a statement.

Taking inspiration from the natural world, historical design and the latest trends to adorn the catwalks, each piece is created for free-spirited, forward thinking men and women looking to embrace the beautiful and bold.

Click individual images to discover more about each piece, or visit my Etsy shop below.

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