Ta Dah!

So, here it is, my latest make. I wanted to create a jaw dropping, ‘stop you in your tracks’ and,

unashamedly, statement crown which was not only stunning to behold, but full of hidden depth and layers of meaning; a bit like a poem where subtext lies in each carefully chosen word or metaphor, so too I wanted to craft a tiara with meaning embedded into every flower and detail. My inspiration: Geoffrey Munn’s book ‘Tiaras Past and Present’. Based on the tiara exhibition housed at the V&A, this book chronicles the history of the tiara and explores the symbolism behind different floral adornments, and choices of colour and stones.

Floral Crown available to buy at my Etsy shop

And so, armed with Geoffrey’s words of wisdom on the language of flowers, I embarked on project Floral Crown. Immediately apparent are the Forget-me knots, representing true love, but, upon closer inspection, you will also discover: Mistletoe, symbolising a kiss; Daisies which we associate with innocence and (my favourite bit), purple Tulips, whose dark centres are said to resemble a lover’s heart heated by the flames of passion. Tiny pearls connoting love are scattered throughout, as are amethyst stones (symbolising devotion) and emerald green glass beads representing hope (unfortunately, my budget didn’t stretch to real emeralds).

This crown is a one-off piece; yes, it will inspire my next collection which will build upon and develop the thinking behind this design, but this three week, blood sweat and tears make (I enjoyed every minute of it really) is a once in a lifetime project for me. It takes pride of place on my tiara stand at shows I go to and, quite frankly, I absolutely LOVE to show it off!

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