Tiaras: Regal crowns to Grecian wreaths -a quick guide to different styles and types

So, you've decided to go for a tiara. Why not? After all, how many occasions are there in life when you can adorn your locks with a mini crown? But did you know there are many different types of tiara? By definition, a tiara is "a semi-circular or circular band, usually of precious metal, decorated with jewels", but these half crowns come in all sorts of shapes and styles; you need to consider height, the shape of your face, hairstyle and overall look. Here's a quick guide to help you decide on the right tiara for you.


This is a very traditional style of tiara - think royalty, in particular, Kate Middleton. There is more height to this style of tiara - great if you are after a dramatic, show stopping, full on princess look (absolutely nothing wrong with this at all - it is exactly what I would and, indeed, did do!) but if you are looking for a little more subtlety or, if you are already quite tall, you might want to steer clear!

Floral crown available to buy on Etsy


This is an altogether more discreet tiara - think vintage glamour rather than royalty. The wishbone tiara rises to a slight point and carries much less height. This pretty, but subtle tiara is more versatile and gives you more hairstyle options. It is probably, the most popular tiara and the one you are most likely to see adorn the shelves of a bridal boutique.

Silver crystal tiara available to buy on Etsy

Double band

The double band tiara is exactly that - a double band! It can be worn on a slight angle to give some height or, for a less regal but still statement look, can be worn as a headband flat against the head. Because of the double band, this tiara is not discreet, but, depending on decoration, can still be delicate looking.

Side lace embellished double band tiara, available to buy on Etsy

Head band

An altogether more low-key option. This tiara sits, like an alice band, flat against the hair. Head bands look great if you have short hair or if you are opting for a simple hair style. A headband adorned with a simple row of crystals or pearls can still give you that princess feel and sparkle, whilst maintaining a more natural look.

Vintage inspired, crystal encrusted headband tiara, available to buy on Etsy

Side tiara

Like the headband, this sits flat against the head as an alice band, but with embellishment to one side. This tiara is perfect for those seeking a vintage, hollywood-esque/great gatsby look. This too works perfectly with short hair - think 1920's flapper style!


Inspired by nature, this complete circle worn lower, maybe even across the forehead, is ideal for the Grecian Goddess or Bohemian Bride (more on this in my blog: 'Vines, Halos and circlets: A guide to bridal accessories beyond the tiara'.

Crystal vine wreaths tiara, available to buy on Etsy

So, armed with your new found tiara knowledge - get searching and get trying on. Haven't got the dress yet? Good - why not buy your tiara and work the rest of your look, in fact, the rest of your day around it ;)

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